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Our Mission  To lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

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~authentic community~

Leading students to discover a faith of their own and helping prepare them for a lifetime of ministry and influence through authentic community




ages 0 - 2

ages 3 - 5

grades K - 5

grades 6 - 12

grade 6

grades 6 - 12


7 CHEckpOints
Authentic Faith: putting your trust in God
Spiritual Disciplines: seeing with God’s eyes
Moral Boundaries: paving the way for intimacy
Healthy Friendships: choosing friends for life
Wise Choices: walking wisely in a fool’s world
Ultimate Authority: finding freedom under God
Others First: considering others before yourself
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Our 6-7 grade environment meets every Sunday morning in The Attic at 11:00.  Kids learn about making their faith personal during this critical year of transition.

Come on back on Sunday evenings for a revved up Hi-Def, 6:00-8:00 pm.  Game rooms are open, food is out, and the music is cranked. Large Group Sessions and Breakout Groups open up the 3 Experiences of Wonder, Discovery and Passion.

Facebook, email, text messaging, in-house announcements, flyers:  Parents and Students stay connected to Attic Ministry events through these outlets as we work to make our communication consistent and timely.  Hi-Def and Get Wired programming content will be emailed directly to parents each week so the conversation that began on Sunday can continue through the week